Iberian Wingfoil Tour GWA Qualifying Series

We are honored to announce the birth of the IBERIAN wing tour, a tour ran
by specialists with the clear mission to deliver outstanding quality to the sport

“Its always been my dream to create a tour for people that loves wind sports and even more with the unique approach of foiling”

Alvaro OnievaFounder, IWT

Next events:


June 3rd and 4th

Master Freefly-Slalom Worldcup

Challenger QS Freefly Slalom

Best trick freestyle

Fun Race


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Past Events


Finished event: May 14th-15th

Surf-Freestyle, Surf-Slalom y Fun-Race


September 23-25th

First ever wave-orientated Wingfoil Event!

Surf-Freestyle, Surf-Slalom y Fun-Race

Wing-foil is the ultimate water sport. Opening up a completely new

We are Iberian Wingtour GWA Qualifying Series

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