Meet The Crew

The crew is made up by the team of the GWA and GKA World Tour.

Our work together delivers outstanding quality to ran action-packed events full of emotions, tension moments and of corse big victories.

“The grow to victory is more important than winning”

Alvaro OnievaCofounder

Alvaro Onieva

I’ve been all my live really connected to the ocean.

I began windsurfing at the age of eight years, after, I started kitesurfing at thirteen years. I became Kiteboarding air-style World Champion in 2013.

Currently I’m Head Judge in The Wingfoil World Cup of GWA and the Kiteboarding World Cup GKA.

I could say I’m very proud to be the president and co-founder of the Iberian Wing Tour.

Juan Antonio Aragon

Hi everybody. I ́m Juan Antonio Aragon from Spain.

I started competing in windsurfing when I was 13 years old.

Now I’m an old hand at the PWA working at it for more than thirty years. As race director I've been part of the team from the very beginning at the GKA and GWA.

I ́m very happy now to be part of the Iberain Tour Qualifying Series as Co-founder, Vice-president and executing my job as race director.

See you all at the regatta field.

Ignacio Del Aguila

Hi there! I'm Ignacio del Aguila.

I work as tour manager of the GWA, it's Qualifying Series and the Youth World Cups. I've been working now a couple of years as a judge and head judge of the Full Power event.

In 2021 I could be part of the judge team working at the Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA).

I’m excited to be part of the Iberian Wing Tour also as Tour manager and judge.

Tanja Rosenkranz

Since 17 years I call the ocean and watersports my home.

Addicted and passionated, after competing in national and International kitesurfing and snow kite events, I started to work for the GKA as the first female judge ever. Since 2010 having my own kite and now wing-foil school in Tarifa, managing a kitesurf factory in Sri Lanka, organizing kite world championships in different countrys and working with the industry for more than a decade brought me the rest of experience.

Now, wing foiling stands next and all my dedication for this.

Celtia Rebolledo Heil

I was born in Spain, and spend my whole life in Tarifa. That led me to a passion for the ocean and water sports.

I’ve always been very fond of the competition world. After my studies I started to be part of them working as a social media manager, first just for fun.

Now with the Iberian Wingfoil Tour I’m looking forward to learn something every day for the future.

It makes me very happy to be part of this inspiring project that will make tongues wag.

Samuel Cárdenas

Hi everyone! Samu Cárdenas here from Tarifa, south of Spain.

I'm in love with the ocean and I’m dedicated to water sports photography. I ́ve been working in the Kiteboarding industry for the last 6 years and I ́m so happy to be part of this amazing family Iberian Wing Tour.

I hope that my photos transmit to you at least a bit of what I feel making them.

See you all at the beach!

Alfonso Delgado

I’m Alfonso Delgado García, but known as Fonsy.

I have been at the sea all my life, also professionally , where I dedicate myself to sailing and underwater activities.

For more than 20 years I've been practicing water and wind sports such as kitesurfing, stand up paddle ... participating in world gka events, national and regional competitions. I am very happy to be part of the Iberian Wing Tour team.

Greetings, Fonsy.

Rodrigo Ríos

I was born in Spain and based in Tarifa.

Kitesurfing has been my passion for more than twenty years. In 2018 I opened a kite school in Tarifa.

I’ve been working a few years as a judge in the Kite World Tour and now I will be part of the Iberian Wing Tour.

Regards Rodri!

Javier Segundo Santangelo

Argentine-Italian, born in Buenos Aires, with several years living in Spain, currently in Barcelona.

I started competing in 2010 at the PKRA in Bariloche, Argentina achieving a 9th place in freestyle, by 2013 I won the title of Argentine AAK Champion in Freestyle Pro.

My career as a judge also began in 2013 when I took the judge test at the PKRA in Barra Grande, Brazil.

Since then I have been a judge for the PKRA, Virgin Kitesurf World Championships, The World Kiteboarding League, the Spain Kiteboarding League, Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA), also for several years the Freestyle Junior youth World Cup at St. Pierre La Mer France, wingfoil judge in the Global Wingsports Association GWA and as a commentator in the GKA together with Jo Ciastula, my great teacher, since last year and since then I started this new stage, without a doubt I am very happy to be part of the Iberian Tour.

Alejandro Muñoz

Since I can remember, I have practiced and competed in water sports.

Being at the sea in my day to day is what makes complete.

It`s a pleasure for me to be part of the Iberian Wing Tour and learn new things with this amaizing crew.